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About me

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Raúl Daramus
Raúl Daramus

I am not being defined by my position, by my degrees or by my achievements. I define myself by what I am and my attitude. Solving problems, undertaking projects and business, inspiring, helping people and providing value are my goals in life.

If I had to define myself as something it would be:
On the one hand, as “Problems solver” because I love challenges and problems, I hate monotony, that’s why the stimulus that solving problems provide me, it’s what make me feel alive and make me grow.

On the other hand I would define myself as “LifeLong Learner” since I would never stop learning. I love learning, I love knowledge, all kind of knowledge, whether is science, philosophy, economy, psychology etc.. I don’t care about the subject, I love learning in general, I do not limit myself. I love open my mind and understand things from a multiple perspective. It’s one of the reasons I‘m self-taught. However I love business, investments, specially computer science, IT and technology are my passions.

I like each day to be a challenge for me, to learn something new, to know new people, to travel. In summary, I love open my mind and discover new experiences, that’s why I love project managment, technology and entrepreneurship, because It gives me the opportunity to live like that.

In my free time, I enjoy many hobbies and passions, for example cars. Apart from training my mind, I like to train my body too, I like to laugh and to make people laugh. But what I love the most is to provide value, inspire and help people.

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